Perusahaan tambang

Perusahaan tambang di Pulau Waigeo, Sorong, Provinsi Papua, membutuhkan tenaga profesional sebagai berikut:

a) Camp Boss
Will be in charge of the base camp, and include operating the galley and messhall, housekeeping including laundry and cabin cleaning service, planning of food supply and daily menu, management of waste food disposal and overall cleanliness of the base camp. The candidate must have experience in managing such camp site. He is expected to have at least 10 years experience in similar capacity.

b) Maintenance Supervisor or Manager
Will be in charge of base camp and road maintenance. This person will take charge of electrical, road repair & equipment maintenance. Working under his team will be Electrician, Foreman (for road repair and maintenance), foreman for water supply and general sanitation, foreman/mechanic (for equipment repair and maintenance) and gardener for campsite horticultural requirement. The candidate must have at least 10 years experience in similar capacity.

Calon yang berminat segera kirim Curriculum Vitae dan Foto terbaru ke email address berikut:


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